What are my repair options?

You have two options to consider: Paintless  Dent Repair (PDR) and Conventional Body Repair. PDR is quicker and  otherwise less costly. If you have comprehensive coverage for your  insurance then your insurance company will pay for the repair and in  most cases your rates should not increase. PDR is the preferred method  and insurance companies would rather have the damage repaired this way.


Conventional Body Repair:

Conventional body repair was not designed to repair hail damaged  vehicles; it was designed to repair collision damage. This form of  repair utilizes: sanding your factory finish, bondo or other body  fillers, reciprocating saws (to cut off body panels), and aftermarket  paints. It is proven to not completely restore a vehicle’s lost equity  due to hail damage because it is invasive, and leaves the vehicle in a  “Frankenstein” state, riddled with uneven bondo filled panels, and  aftermarket paint that doesn’t match the rest of the vehicle. To make  matters worse, conventional repair can keep a vehicle in the shop for  three to six weeks!


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR):

Unlike conventional body repair, PDR (paintless dent repair), is the  preferred repair process among all insurance companies for repairing  hail damaged vehicles. The process is much less invasive than  conventional body work, and doesn’t require sanding,  bondo and other  body fillers, or aftermarket paint. Because PDR is noninvasive, it has  been proven to completely restore a vehicle’s lost equity due to hail  damage. The best part? PDR repairs only take 7 to 10 days, which is 1/3  to 1/6 the time it takes for conventional repairs!



Can filing an insurance claim raise my rates?

Absolutely not. Many of our PDR clients are  afraid to get the hail damage on their vehicle repaired because they  think their insurance rates will raise. Damage that is incurred by “Acts  of God,” such as hail, wind, tornadoes and other damage inflicted by   natural disasters, are covered by your comprehensive insurance. Since  no one can determine when this type of event is going to occur,  insurance companies will not hold these claims against your insurance  record.

How long will it take to fix my vehicle?

Paintless Dent Repairs, depending on the  severity of the hail damage, can usually be repaired in 7-10 days. No  matter how long your repairs take and your car is in our shop, we will  make sure you have a rental car so you can conduct business as usual!

What if I do not have rental coverage on my policy?

Most insurance companies will cover any car  rental expenses incurred while getting the hail damage on your car  repaired. Each insurance provider is a little bit different, so we can  contact your insurance provider to see if you have rental coverage on  your policy. If your insurance company DOES NOT cover car rental and  your car must stay at our shop for repairs, Ultimate Hail & Dent Co.  will cover the rental costs for you. We can bring a rental car right to  your door!

Are all PDR technicians the same?

No, they are not. PDR is a skill that takes practice and patience. Generally  anyone with less than 2 years experience is considered an apprentice.  It is not an easy trade to learn and mistakes can be quite costly. All  of our technicians are reputable and have decades of experience with  PDR.